Our Foundation
A strong foundation is the cornerstone to structural integrity...and so it is with the way we have built and conduct our business. We have unwavering principles that guide us and secure a bond with our business partners.


To create a solid partnership between Pargov Steel Detailing and Fabricators and their many facets of expertise that results in a seamless and smooth erection process.


To develop strategic partnerships with steel fabricators by providing outstanding professional services and support

Pargov Promise

Hassle Free
Our approach to getting the job done; no bullshit just communication and trust.
All our partnerships know that the job is being done right, in good hands, and will exceed expectations.
On the spot trouble shooting
Communication to ensure immediate answers which are vital to momentum and deadlines.



Establishing and maintaining trust is fundamental to building relationships with fabricators, design professionals and construction managers. We achieve this by applying high professional standards, keeping our commitments, and being respectful to their needs.

Clear Communication

Clear communication is key to each successful project. We strive to build efficient paths of communication with fabricators, construction managers and designers as this is the best approach to problem solving.


The efficient delivery of services to our clients is best achieved when working in a supportive team-based environment.


We use top notch technology in steel detailing and continually strive to improve our work flow, efficiency, and project outcome.